Early Winters - Vanishing Act Release - Single Mic Acoustic EP

 On March 2nd, 2014, I flew to Los Angeles to help with the worldwide release show of Early Winters "Vanishing Act" at Zac Rae's studio, "The Bank". The show was broadcasted via Stageit, where fans could interact with the band and watch the intimate performance from their homes.
 After all the hard work that went into this short broadcast, a single RCA 44 ribbon mic (made famous by Elvis and Johnny Cash) was thrown up for Carina Round & Justin Rutledge to do a duet, live, and recorded onto an old Ampex reel-to-reel tape machine from the 50's. What a treat! If you want to hear the magic that came out of that performance, check out Early Winters Pledge Music campaign, and donate to their cause to receive a free copy to the Stageit show and the Single Mic EP.

Mike Mangione & The Union - Mercy Street

Over the summer, I packed up some gear and drove what seemed like forever into the middle of Wisconsin. We went to a place that Patrick had found, a barn behind a country house. As we were arriving, it started pouring down rain, and we had to be careful not to get the camera and recording equipment wet. After looking around, we decided the hay loft would be the best place to film; and the only way to get there was a single wood latter that looked older than all of us put together...