Midweek Mixtape: Justin Heron

Mod City Magazine
By Stephanie Noel — March 20, 2013
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Photography by: Elizabeth Hooser

Justin Heron is a singer,songwriter and audio engineer out of Milwaukee. Heron has been on both sides of the recording studio, having produced two albums for Milwaukee based artist Sulek, as well as recently releasing his own debut album “The Justin Heron EP.” Heron thrives on creating and producing work that is above the mainstream. His personal musical style is one that is somewhat mysterious, with chilling vocal tracks and industrial guitar sounds. Heron aims to deliver work that is unlike anything else out there. When not in the studio producing or recording, Heron can be found playing shows in and around Milwaukee and the Chicagoland area.

With Heron’s well versed background in music we here at Mod City found it only fitting to have him be one of our guest DJ’s for our Midweek Mixtape column! Heron spent a lot of time creating a playlist that was more than just a playlist for our readers, but rather a musical experience. ”Some of my favorites right now are “I wish,” “Count Me In” and “That’s What Good Friends Do.” I built the playlist around those, having started with 45 songs and narrowing them down. The idea was for the listener to be shot out of a cannon from reality into introspection,” said Heron.

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Now, sit back and get ready to go on a musical ride!